How to Care for False Aralia Houseplants?

False Aralia is usually maintaining indoors as a house plant, but you can also place it outdoors, But adapting to the interior of the house is a bit difficult for a plant that has spent the summer in the yard. Please stay tuned to TooPlant to become familiar with the methods of caring for a False Aralia houseplant.

False Aralia Houseplants

Introduction of False Aralia HouseplantsCare for False Aralia Houseplants

Name: False Aralia

Family: Araliaceae

Native: Scotland (New Caledonia)

Scientific name: Plerandra elegantissima

Botanical Name: Schefflera elegantissima

Common Name(s): False Aralia, Spider Aralia, Threadleaf Aralia, Finger Aralia

To introduce the beautiful False Aralia houseplant, we must say that it originally belongs to Scotland, it can grow up to about 15 meters in its natural habitat. Of course, rest assured, because the False Aralia in the apartments and in general away from their original habitat, can not grow much and will not be a problem for you in terms of height.

One of the main reasons for taking care of False Aralia is its attractive and beautiful leaves. Leaves dark green, long and delicate.

Schefflera elegantissima does not need much care and at the same time gives a special elegance and beauty to the environment, so this plant is a very good choice for home and office.

This houseplant has strong roots and its leaves are dark brown, sometimes covered with a beautiful white stripe. False Aralia like us need clean air, so do not place it in a polluted environment.

The leaves on the lower part of this plant may remind you of Marijuana plant. However, these two plants have nothing to do with each other and they only look similar in terms of appearance.

Care for False Aralia Houseplants

After the introduction, we will deal with the method of caring for a False Aralia houseplant:


This beautiful plant likes to drown in a lot of but indirect sunlight! Our advice to you is to place it near skylights so that it receives the bright sunlight well and at the same time is never exposed to direct rays. Direct sunlight on False Aralia houseplants causes the tip and margin of its leaves to burn and turn brown.


In what follows, concerning the methods of caring for a False Aralia houseplant, it is better to know that proper and planned maintenance for Plerandra elegantissima will definitely include regular watering. Moderate or lukewarm water is what False Aralia needs.

Water the plant when it dries a few centimeters from the soil surface. Do not forget that to provide the moisture needed by the plant, you must regularly spray water on the surface of the leaves. And after watering the Schefflera elegantissima, immediately drain the water collected under the pot.

Humidity and Temperature

Care for False Aralia Houseplants

The wetter, the better! False Aralia is happier in a humid environment such as a bathroom. But if you do not want to put it in a humid environment, you should spray the leaves regularly. You do not need to look around with a thermometer to maintain Plerandra elegantissima at home! Because this beautiful ornamental houseplant will grow well at normal house temperature (18 to 29 degrees Celsius). Be careful that the indoor plant never experiences the cold. Because when the temperature drops below 15 degrees, the plant’s leaves begin to be damaged.


In the rest the methods of caring for a False Aralia houseplant, we must say that peat-based soil is good for planting False Aralia, but you should make sure that the peat grains are large so that there is good drainage in the soil. False Aralia do not like spongy soils.


You can use liquid fertilizer to strengthen the growth of the plant. To do this, fertilize the plant every two weeks during the growing seasons (spring and summer). Do not fertilize the plant in winter under any circumstances.


False Aralia is slightly toxic to children and pets.

Tips for Plerandra elegantissima houseplants

Change the Plerandra elegantissima pot every year with the arrival of spring. Use multi-purpose potting soil (common potting soil) and plant the False Aralia in a larger pot of the right size. The size of the pot should be sufficient for the presence of roots. Keep in mind that Aralia is one of the indoor plants that like to grow in a tight and compact pot. So a very large pot will not be suitable for it.

If you have planted heavy False Aralia in a small, light pot, it is better to replace the heavy pot or add a layer of pebbles to the bottom of the soil. In this way, a balance is created between the weight of the plant and the pot, thus preventing it from overturning.

False Aralia does not like to move at all. A sudden change in its location will cause its leaves to fall off. If you are going to change the location of the plant, you need to do it gradually and slowly. Do not forget that the relocation of the plant should not be done in winter.

Caring for False Aralia Houseplants: Common Pests and Diseases

After a description of care for False Aralia houseplants, we will explain the problems and their solutions:

Spider mites, insect eggs and mealybugs are the only pests that cause trouble for False Aralia. Extensive plant contact with spider mites can lead to plant death!

If the plant is infected with this pest, soak a soft cloth in a solution of water and disinfectant soap and clean the underside of the leaves twice a day for a week. If there are no signs of improvement in the plant, it is better to say goodbye to the plant!

Try to separate mealybugs from the plant as much as you can. Clean the undersides of the leaves with an alcohol swab every 5 days. (Especially the places where you have seen the effects of mealybugs.). Use of disinfectant soaps is also very useful in the early stages of the presence of mealybugs in the plant.

Infographic of Care for False Aralia Houseplants

In this article, we tried to explain to you in an infographic the essential tips in the care of False Aralia Houseplants, so that you can briefly and usefully learn the methods of caring for this plant.

Infographic of Care for False Aralia Houseplants


In this article, we tried to provide you with the necessary information about the methods of caring for a False Aralia houseplant. However, if you have any questions regarding this indoor plant or you need to get advice from our houseplant experts, please share your questions with us through the comments section below.

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