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How to Care for Money Tree?

How to Care for Money Tree?

Easy maintenance, fast growth and beautiful appearance of Money Tree Plant make it an ideal houseplant. All you have to do is to add a little water and light to it and leave the rest to Money Tree. Continue reading this article in TooPlant in order to learn more about how to grow and care for Money Tree.

Introduction of Money Tree (Guiana Chestnut)

Before addressing how to care for Money Tree, please allow us to give you a brief introduction about this houseplant.

Name Money Tree
Family Malvaceae
Botanical Name Pachira Aquatica
Native Central and South America, East Asia
Common Name(s) Money Tree,  Money Tree Plant, Money Plant, Guiana Chestnut

Introduction of Guiana Chestnut (Money Tree)It is interesting to know that in ancient Chinese culture, Guiana Chestnut was considered a symbol of wealth and happiness and for this reason, it is also known as the Money Tree Plant. Some people believe that buying a houseplant will make them more financially secure. There is an old story where a poor man prayed to get rich and while praying he saw a strange plant. He takes the plant home as a result of his prayers, sells the plant its strange leaves, and eventually becomes rich.

In this article, we want to provide you with information about how to care for Money Tree, so stay tuned with Tooplant.

Care for Money Tree

In this part, we will focus on the most important aspects which you need to take into consideration while treating this houseplant. The best methods of how to care for Money Tree include as follows:

As we said, Money Plant is easy to maintain. If you have this plant in your home, but you do not know how to maintain it, just pay attention to the following points:

Money Tree Light Requirements: What light is best for Money Tree?

Light is among the first important issues to care for Money Tree. Money Tree Plant should be in a bright place, but do not worry because it can grow well in relative shade. In the middle of the day and when the sun’s temperature reaches its peak, the plant should not be exposed to direct light. If you keep Money Tree Plant outside indoors, it is best to place it in a sheltered area for extra security. Money Tree, which is just brought home, should first be placed in the relative shade and after a while and get used to the environment, it should be moved to a bright place.

Do not change the location of Money Tree too much. The plant is damaged by this incident and expresses its dissatisfaction by shedding its leaves. The best way to maintain Money Plant is to provide continuous, indirect light so that it can store the energy needed for new leaves to grow and germinate.

Guiana Chestnut is one of the plants that tends to light, so you have to rotate it regularly so that all parts receive the same amount of sunlight. This plant also prefers warmer environments. The plant should never be exposed to direct sunlight as its leaves will be damaged and may even cause the plant to die.

Note that it needs enough indirect sunlight, a window in the northern part of your home is a good place to Money Tree Plant.

So, as shown above, light plays a significant role to care for Money Tree.

Money Tree Watering: How often should you water a Money Tree?

In the rest, concerning the tips of caring for a Money Tree, it is better to know that the beautiful Money Tree Plant loves wet to dry soil. Wet soil and roots are not tolerable at all. Therefore, watering is another important aspect in order to care for Money Tree.

Pay attention to the body of this plant, as it is clear, that the lower we go along the stem, the thicker the stem becomes. This thick part is able to store water for a long time and reach different parts of the plant when it is dry.

From spring to autumn, water this indoor plant once a week and minimize this amount when winter arrives. Continue watering until the soil surface is completely saturated and can no longer absorb water. After a few minutes, drain the water collected under the pot, this will prevent water accumulation and root rot.

It is better to use rainwater to water Money Tree. Another option is to use special lime water for plants.

The presence of lime in the water converts heavy water into light water for plants by removing heavy ions.

If rainwater or lime water is not available and you use tap water to water plants, be sure to pour the water into an open container overnight and leave it for a few hours. In this way, chlorine is released into the water and becomes more suitable for plants. Allow the topsoil to dry completely before the next watering.

Money Plant does not like to spray water on the stem; Therefore, never pour water on the stem, as it will cause the plant to rot.

In this way, to care for Money Tree, watering is considered to be of great significance.

Money Tree Soil: What is the best soil for a Money Tree?

Intending to care for Money Tree, the other crucial matter is soil. As an ornamental plant, the Money Tree Plant needs porous, permeable and rich soil to survive. For this, you can use cactus soil, flower soil or pot soil. You can also add some sand, gravel, clay or perlite to the soil to increase porosity. Guiana Chestnut (Money Tree) can also be grown in the “water culture” method.

Thus, it can be said that, soil is another basic and important issue so as to care for Money Tree.

Money Tree Temperature Tolerance

Now, we come to temperature which is assumed to be principal to care for Money Tree in addition to light, watering and soil that are mentioned above. Money Tree is a tropical plant, but not in the sense that you put it in direct sunlight and see high light and heat, but it needs a temperature similar to your home temperature.

In the apartment, the moderate temperature of the house (12 to 25 degrees Celsius) is suitable for it. Money Plant generally does not like extreme cold or heat.

So, temperature is another important issue to care for Money Tree.

Money Tree Humidity: Does Money Tree like humidity?

Moisture is another thing which we need to inevitably pay attention to when talking about how to care for Money Tree.

Money Tree is a moisture-loving plant and can not provide the amount of moisture it needs through the air, so it needs to be supplied to the plant in one of the ways to provide moisture. The easiest way to do this is to create an island for the plant. Of course, you can also meet the needs of the plant by spraying. Of course, when spraying, do not forget that the plant stems do not get wet, and be sure to use cold boiled water in the morning or evening.

If your bathroom is sunny, it is the best place to keep Money Plant. The humidity in the bathroom, in addition to sufficient light, will bring Money Tree to its most beautiful state. If the environment is too dry due to the weather conditions of the city where you live or the use of heating and cooling devices that absorb moisture, be sure to use dehumidifiers. In general, the amount of moisture required for this plant is 45 to 55%.

Therefore, please do not forget to take humidity into consideration in order to care for Money Tree in the best way.

Money Tree Fertilizer: What is the best fertilizer for a Money Tree?

When you want to care for Money Tree, one of the important questions that may come to your mind is “what is the best fertilizer?” In what follows, we will address how to fertilize this plant:

In order for the plant to receive all its essential elements, fertilize it almost every 14 days from May to September. Use fertilizer for green plants. Fertilizer should be given to the plant at half the recommended concentration. In addition to this fertilizer, special solid fertilizers have been produced that you can also put in the soil.

Excessive fertilization damages the plant or, by intensifying growth, prevents the formation of a strong plant.

As a result, we could say that fertilizer is regarded as one of the fundamental issues when someone wants to care for Money Tree.

Money Tree Toxicity: Is Money Tree poisonous to humans and pets?

In order to care for Money Tree, toxicity is considered to be a major issue because it directly relates to your health especially children. Fortunately, Money Tree is not toxic to humans or pets. However, as a precaution, it is advisable to keep it out of the reach of your young child or pets, so that they do not feel like eating it.

Does Money Tree Plant Produce Oxygen Overnight?

Money Tree is an excellent plant for air purification and is the best plant for use in the bedroom. Unlike most other plants, this plant produces oxygen at night and can raise the oxygen level in the room and provide healthier air during sleep.

Caring for Money Tree: Common Problems With Money Tree

After a description of taking care of a Money Tree, we will explain the problems and their solutions:

Why Are Money Tree Leaves Turning Yellow?

As “leaves turning yellow” is one of the common problems that you may face when you want to care for Money Tree, we will try to describe the reasons and the ways to solve it in details. One of the most important reasons for money plant yellowing leaves is too much light. Excessive light can burn the leaves of the plant and cause it to turn yellow. Also, high-temperature differences between day and night can damage this plant. If you do not want the leaves of Money Tree Plant to turn yellow, it is better to keep this plant away from direct light and also in an environment where there is not much difference between day and night temperatures so as not to be damaged. Also, do not place the plant near heating appliances or windows.

Thus, if you are faced with the money plant yellowing leaves, there is no need to worry because you can easily solve the problem by providing proper light.

Why Are Money Tree Plant Leaves Turning Brown?

If this plant receives a lot of water, its roots and leaves will expand and become saturated, as a result of which the leaves may show their browning. Regular watering and a good drainage system can easily prevent this from happening and save Money Tree Plant from browning of the leaves and root rot.

Since “leaves turning brown” is another common problem that you may face when you want to care for Money Tree, we tried to describe the reasons and the ways to solve it in details.

Why Is my Money Plant So Thin?

You need to prune it properly in order to have a full and dense plant. To do this, always cut the branch from the front of the stem or leaf, not the back. Never prune more than one-third of the stem and prune it at a 45-degree angle so that it can grow again.

Try pruning the stems of dead leaves from Money Tree so that the plant does not waste energy on these parts and the plant can focus on healthy branches and leaves. Adequate light supply is also an important issue for the plant to grow back. A plant that does not receive enough light can not have the energy needed to grow and maintain new branches and leaves.

What Are the Causes of Spots on a Money Tree?

In the rest, concerning the methods of caring for a Money Tree, we will address what are the causes of spots on a money tree?

Staining of leaves is probably a sign of potassium deficiency. The use of fertilizers high in potassium will be a good treatment for the plant.

Root rot is the result of excessive wetting and accumulation of water in the soil, which causes the leaves to fall and the stem to soften. If you notice that the plant has this problem, quickly remove it from the pot, clean the soil around the root and remove all rotten parts of the root. Finally, replant the roots in fresh soil.

Why Is There Mold on My Money Tree Plant and How Do I Fix It?

If a white or gray layer appears on the soil surface, it is probably due to mold. This also indicates excessive soil moisture. The best thing you can do for the plant is to change all the soil. If the mold was only on the upper surface of the soil and did not spread to the lower parts, it is sufficient to replace the top layer of soil.

Infographic Of How To Care For Money Tree

In this article, we tried to explain to you in an infographic the essential tips in the care of Money Tree, so that you can briefly and usefully learn the methods of caring for this plant.

In The End

In this article, we tried to provide you with the necessary information about the methods of caring for a Money Tree.

However, if you have any questions regarding this indoor plant or you need to get advice from our houseplant experts, please share your questions with us through the comments section below.

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